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How air conditioning works

0% VAT rate on domestic installations

From 01/04/2022 Government has introduced changes to VAT rates on domestic installations of energy saving materials including air source heat pumps, which means that we can offer supply and installation at reduced rate.

Who we are and what we do

Air Rush LTD is an air conditioning and ventilation supply, installation and maintenance company based in Northampton and serving surrounding towns and neighbourhoods.
We specialize in commercial and domestic air conditioning installations as well as mechanical ventilation. With over 16 year of experience in the HVAC industry we offer hassle free installations from large offices to small domestic bedrooms and conservatories. Workmanship and customer service will be carried out to highest standard, and we offer very competitive rates.
We can design, supply and install different types of air conditioning and ventilation systems exactly to your requirements and specifications.

Area of our service

What area do we cover

We mainly work within 40 miles radius from Northampton.
Below you will find a small list of towns and places where we do our air conditioning installations.

  • Northampton
  • Wellingborough
  • Kettering
  • Rushden
  • Corby
  • Banbury
  • Lemington Spa
  • Brackley
  • Leicester
  • Market Harborough
  • Buckingham
  • Burton latimer
  • Desborough
  • Daventry
  • Rugby
  • Towcester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Bedford
  • Olney

Air conditioning running cost UK

Air conditioning running cost UK

We are often being asked how much does it cost to run air conditioning in UK

Only £17.39 for whole July 2022 :)

In fact it is really difficult to answer because it all depends on many factors like:

  • 1. Setting point. People are different and one person feels comfortable at 21C and for the other at 19C could still feel warm. Therefore air conditioning unit will work differently and power consumption will be different. We recommend 21C as a optimal temperature for cooling and heating.
  • 2. Outdoor temperature. Although most of the modern air conditioning units are design and specified to work at low and high ambient temperatures (for example cooling range -10C to 46C and heating range -15 to 24C) do not expect them to work the same. Efficiency will drop at the lower and higher end of ambient temperature range. In plain English if there is -5C outside and unit is in heating it will use more power to heat the room then if it was 10C outside and the other way round, if in cooling and we have got 35C outside, unit will work harder and will use more power to cool room than if it was for example only 25C outside.
  • 3. Maintenance. Poor filter condition and dirty condenser coil will definitely add to running cost of your air conditioning, as unit has to work harder to reach desired setting point and transfer heat energy between surrounding air and coil.

  • Luckily air conditioning units we install can tell us exactly how much it costs to run air conditioning unit in UK.

    Our favourite brand Mitsubishi Electric with build in WIFI as a standard has energy monitoring option and all the usage can be found via MELcloud app.

    Just recently we went to do a regular maintenance of one of our air conditioning units we have installed last year and luckily for us owners were so kind and shared all the usage information with us.

    For two Mitsubishi Electric AP series air conditioning units. One 2.5kw installed in master bedroom and second 3.5kw installed in lounge. The total cost for whole year is only £83.20!!! Most of the time units were in cooling mode occasionally being used as a top up heating.

    Figures for July and August 2022 when we had one of the worst heat waves are impressive also. July £29.36 and August £28.60, cooling only and being run pretty much all the time. So the answer to a question “How much does it cost to run air conditioning in UK” is “not a lot”.:)

    Most popular types of air conditioning installations

    Wall mounted air conditioning

    Wall mounted air conditioning

    This is one of the most popular air conditioning systems on the market. It is the simplest, most versatile and the cheapest of all air conditioning installations. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, garden buildings, man caves, static caravans, conservatories. The possibilities of installations are pretty much endless with wall mounted air conditioning.

    Cassette air conditioning

    Cassette air conditioning

    Either standard size or compact size, these units are most suited for commercial premises.
    Cassette air conditioning units are designed to be installed under suspended ceiling, with only facia being visible and the body of the unit being hidden inside ceiling void. These units are typical for office air conditioning.

    Floor standing air conditioning

    Ceiling suspended air conditioning

    Ceiling type air conditioning systems are higher capacity units ranging from 5kw to 12kw.
    Primarily used to serve larger areas in commercial and office environment.

    Floor standing air conditioning

    Floor standing air conditioning

    This type of air conditioning system is used in locations where we are height restricted or where physical installation on to the wall is very difficult or impossible.
    They are ideal for conservatories, where they can be easily fitted below window line, however they are also suited for any other typical location.

    Ducted air conditioning

    Ducted air conditioning

    Ducted air conditioning is designed to be installed in hidden spaces. It is ideal for lofts and places where is out of sight. Conditioned air is distributed via network of ducting, either rigid or flexible and its being blown out through grills / louvers, which are normally mounted on the surface of the ceiling.

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